With the help of the Tivoli Brewing Company, 99.5 The Mountain is making their own brew! At this years Bourbon & Bacon Fest YOU can help pick the style of their new brew! With samples from their Tivoli Helles Lager, Sigi’s Wild Horse Buck Beer and others, you will rate the taste and thus help 99.5 The Mountain craft their unique brew. Join Tivoli Brewing Company and 99.5 The Mountain at this years Bourbon & Bacon Fest to pick out the new brew!

tivoli-beer-with-tagTivoli Helles Lager:
THE 148 YEAR OLD BEER IS BACK! Ever been to Germany and enjoyed drinking brewery fresh beer? Chances are you drank Helles style lager, the country’s most prevalent beer. After the long trip over the big pond, German beers never taste the same here. Lucky for you, we have brought Tivoli Helles Lager back from the pages of history. Made with all German ingredients and brewed right here in Denver, Tivoli is a true recreation of the beer first made over a century ago. Try one and you will understand how beer is supposed to taste.



sigis-secondary-logoSigi’s Wild Horse Buck Beer:
WHAT THE BUCK IS A BUCK BEER? A unique style of beer that was famous to the Colorado region and produced only by Moritz Sigi. This style of beer was lost when Sigi met his untimely end. To this day, no official recipe has ever been recorded. Through research and interpretation we found that Sigi’s Buck Beer was an ale that was brewed to mimic a bock beer (lager). The beer has all the color, alcohol, and flavor consistency of a bock beer (lager), but is a brown ale.



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